What Should I Bring to my Initial Consultation with a Lawyer?

Initiating a legal action can be stressful, and the majority of people consider hiring an attorney to be a stressful situation as well.  But it certainly does not have to be.  The first thing you should do is prepare yourself for the initial consultation so that you can get the most out of this process.  An initial consultation can more be than a quick meeting: it can help plan your legal strategy by locating potential risks and avoid future issues during the legal process.

What to Bring

Most important that there is to take it is a pen and a paper. You should use the consultation as a learning experience for a process that is about to begin.  A lawyer can be a valuable resource: they can formulate questions that will help you determine the potential risks and benefits of your claim.  Write down questions that are important to you and that you would like the attorney to answer so that you don’t forget.  When you contact a lawyer to schedule an initial consultation, make sure you ask what the attorney wants you to bring to the consultation.  For example, at The Injury Law Clinic we handle personal injury medical malpractice, and Workers Compensation cases.  So, we always asked that the client bring us any medical records they may have as well as insurance information. 

How to Prepare for your Consultation

Before your consultation, write down questions to ask.  There are no stupid questions. A good lawyer will be eager to help you understand your expectation and your participation in the legal process. The more you understand the legal process, the more you can prevent potential pitfalls in litigation.

Do Not Hold Back on Providing Information

Any thing that you discuss with a lawyer during an initial consultation is completely confidential. If there is any information that you believe may be important, do not hold back because you might think it is embarrassing or could hurt your case in some way.  Let the attorney make that determination after she hears it.  A lawyer would face serious penalty if they revealed any information that was provided to her by her client during consultation.  You do not have to be afraid to tell the attorney all the facts so that she can do her best to protect you. 

At The Injury Law Clinic, P.A. you will have all the time you need during your initial consultation so that you can be sure of your decision to hire us to represent you.  If you have suffered an accident as a result of the negligence of another, call toll-free today (877) 215-3LAW (3529).