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Increase on Maximum Workers' Compensation Rate

On January 1, 2010, Alex Sink, Chief Financial Officer for the Florida Department of Financial Services issued an informational bulletin outlining the new Maximum Workers’ Compensation rates.

Section 440.12(2) of the Florida Statutes indicates that for any accidents occurring after August 1, 1979, the maximum compensation rate will be the same as the state-wide average weekly wage for that year. Last year, the maximum compensation rate was $765.00.  According to the department’s newest calculations, Florida workers averaged a weekly pay rate of $771.80. Based upon this average, the new maximum compensation rate will increase to $772.00.

When calculating a person’s average weekly wage, the insurance company takes into account how much that person made for 13 weeks prior to the accident. For example if a person made $500 every two weeks, his or her average weekly wage would be $250.  If the person was not employed there for 13 weeks, then the average weekly wage of someone who worked at the location in the same field for the same amount of hours is taken into account. Also, if the person in question was under the age of 22 when the accident occurred, and it is expected that his wages would have increase if he were allowed to continue working, then this usually taken into account when establishing an average weekly wage. It is also important to note that a person who had more then one job when the accident occurred is able to collect earnings for the other jobs he/she is unable to do because of their injuries.

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