Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents happen everyday. Most of the time, after someone falls, they feel embarrassed and try to minimize the fall but later realize that they really are hurt. There are several types of fall accidents: trip and fall accidents, where there is a foreign object in the walking path; stump and fall accidents, where there is an impediment in the walking surface; Step and fall accidents, where there is an unexpected failure or hole in the walking surface, and slip-and-fall accidents, where the connection between the bottom of your shoe and the floor surface fails because of some foreign substance, like water or oil.

If you fall at a public or private place in Broward, Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County, Florida, Slip and Fall Injury Attorney, Diana Castrillon can help you. We can help you file a claim to receive compensation for medical expenses. If you suffer a serious injury, the costs associated with medical care can be astronomical and insurance may not cover all of it. You may also lose the ability to work and make wages temporarily or become permanently disabled. Attorney Diana Castrillon can help you get compensated for lost wages. When you work with an experienced attorney, you have a better chance to collect a settlement to compensate you for your pain and suffering as well.

At Cecere, Santana, P.A., our Hollywood Pembroke Pines Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers are committed to helping accident victims be made whole after suffering a slip and fall related injury or FL Premises Liability.

Call Attorney Diana Castrillon, today toll-free to 800-75-FL-LAW and find out more.

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