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How to Know if You Qualify for Workers Compensation

Injuries happen all the time in the workplace. Many people don’t think another thing of it, but they may be qualified to receive workers compensation. Any injury associated with labor, work, or other work affiliated accidents can be workers comp claims that are valid. Machinery injuries, slipping on ice, facility malfunctions, etc. are examples of certified claims. Whether it was accidental, the fault of someone else, your own fault, or neglect; these all could be covered by claims to workers comp. Businesses are required to carry insurance for their workers in case of accident of liability issues. If there is an injury at work, chances are workers comp will cover it.

Though there are many possible injuries that could be covered, claimants must meet certain criteria. It is always worth checking into. By law, businesses must supply manual or other information that explains the rights and benefits or workers. This information should also delineate who meets the criteria. The best route may be to talk to the Human Resource department. They have all the information and can help clarify it if there are questions about eligibility.

Possible claimants should keep careful records of their injuries, interactions with HR and other departments in the business that deal with legal and insurance issues. Doctor visits, x-rays, and a journal of symptoms may also be helpful to have on hand. An attorney may be consulted to help decipher if workers comp benefits are appropriate. Attorneys can be great advocates in an otherwise twisted legal entanglement. Their expertise and experience can make the difference between winning benefits and paying out pocket for expenses associated with workplace injury. Lost wages may also be a part of workers comp benefits besides payment of medical bills. It is in the best interest of businesses to stay on top of workers comp to avoid law suits from injured workers.

Workers comp is required by law in all fifty states in the US. It is a serious issue. Florida especially takes worker’s benefits seriously. They tenaciously work to protect workers, businesses, insurers, and health providers. The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation provides information and help to all parties involved in resolving workplace injuries. It is a place that gives resources and information out freely. It becomes an easy way for all to understand worker comp. Injured employees can look at their guide for understanding if they qualify for benefits.

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How Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Employees

When a Florida workers’ compensation claim is filed, there is typically a pre-determined benefit amount that is paid out to the employee(s) in question. This amount is reflective of the employee’s pay as well as the amount of time that they are off work because of the issue. If someone works in a factory where they use their arms regularly, having a rotator cuff procedure due to extended wear and tear would be covered by workers’ compensation, for example. They would be compensated for time off work, the procedure itself, and the recovery and rehabilitation that will get them back on the job.

Every state has their own guidelines and regulations surrounding workers’ compensation claims, and it is up to each employee to know what they are subject to, eligible for, and which things are excluded from their claims. This is not a lawsuit directed at the employer, but a claim filed against the employer’s insurance company much like a claim filed against a car insurance company when a car accident occurs. According to workers’ compensation laws, employees cannot sue their employer for accidents that occur on the job and employers cannot terminate employees that file a claim under this provision.

Workers’ compensation typically pays for medical bills, temporary disability in place of paychecks because the employee cannot work, and benefits for permanent disability when the employee cannot return to work. By taking care of these areas of protection, people are guaranteed the treatment that they deserve. No one has to worry about being fired because they aren’t able to work or losing their income because they have to take time off for an injury. Sometimes, insurance companies will not recognize a legitimate claim, which requires the addition of a workers’ compensation lawyer and legal filings to the claim to contest the decision made when it is not the right decision.

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